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For the next 100 days, I’ll be posting a series of short pieces about parenting in the age of Trump, under the collective title, PTA: Parenting Through the Apocalypse. Each week I’ll explore the celebrations and conflicts along my parenting road such as, “Girls and Boys, Why Can’t We Be Friends in the #metoo Era?,” “Dealing with Disappointment,” and “The Pink Protest Hat: an honest conversation with my 10 year old daughter about why we knit hats for the Women’s March.”

I’ve resisted writing about parenting for several years because I was concerned about invading my family’s privacy. But more and more these are topics I’m drawn to and the ones I find myself writing, researching and discussing. It turns out that parenting, along with feminism and art, is one of the lenses I see the world through.

For the last, eleven years, being a mother has been not only a key component to my decision-making, but also how I make sense of things. I not only aspire to be the best possible version of myself, but I also aspire to be the mother I would wish for my daughter.

My goal here is tackle topics from different angles, starting with the event in my event in my life that prompted the idea to begin with, followed by research, reflection, and response.

These posts are part of The 100 Days Project, which challenges people to commit a creative act every day for 100 days. I’ll be posting a couple times a week and writing on a daily basis. For at least the next 100 days, I’ll also be trying to find the balance between privacy and my need to investigate of the world around me in writing.

Hopefully, these posts will be more about my own experience than about anyone else. Still, I’d like to apologize in advance for any embarrassment I may cause, particularly for my daughter. She just turned eleven and is nearing the age when the fact that Mommy breathes is embarrassing, so I’m sure to write something she eventually will regret.


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